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The Davati stele (Georgian: დავათის სტელა) is an early Christian ivory artifact from the mountainous part of eastern Georgia. It is a cross-shaped stela, carrying a bas-relief, depicting the archangels Michael and Gabriel, with one of the earliest inscriptions in the ancient Georgian script (asomtavruli). It has been dated from the 4th to the 5th century. The stela was discovered in 1985 in a small church of the Virgin in highland village of Davati.[1][2]

The Georgian scholar R. Ramishvili has claimed that the combination of letters კ [k], ტ [t] and ჭ [tch](კტჭ) correspond to the number 5320(კ-5000; ტ-300; ჭ-20) and has attempted to calculate from it the alleged date when the Georgian alphabet was created (284 BC).


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