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Dave Blalock (born 1950 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania), is an American anti-war activist who helped overturn the 1989 Flag Protection Act. He was a member of Vietnam Veterans Against The War Anti-Imperialist.

At present, he lives in Heidelberg, Germany with his third wife.

Blalock appeared in the theatrical production of Friedrich Schiller's Wallenstein of Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel of Rimini Protokoll (2005–2007) where among a cast of ten people out of real life - such as a conservative politician unveiling his election campaign strategies, a German former Hitler Youth, Weimar's former chief police officer - to tell his story of a fragging in the midst of Intrigue, War & Death. He is co-author of The Dictionary of War, an international book project, supported by the German government (2007).


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