Dave Cash (Yiddish comedian)

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Dave Cash (Yiddish: דייב קאש) was a Rumanian-born French Yiddish-language comedian, composer, musician and entertainer. He very was well known in the Yiddish theater for his song parodies. He was the animator of a Yiddish-language cabaret in Pigalle, that had an otherwise typical program for a French cabaret.[1] Several of his humorous songs and stand-up routines were rereleased in Israel in 2004 under the name An Evening with Dave Cash ( ערב עם דייב קאש )[2]


  • Der Shere fun Seville
  • A'fallen die Blettin
  • Tzures mit Hula Hoop
  • Yiddishe Lieder Parade
  • Ich dank dir Gott as ich hob es nicht
  • Dave Cash Presente Ses Fantaisies Yiddish (Avec Didier Boland et Son Orchestre) (released 1956)
  • An Evening With Dave Cash (Compilation CD release 2004)