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The Dave Dawson War Adventure series is a fifteen book series of boy's adventure stories pertaining to the European and Pacific theatres of World War II. Written between 1941 and 1945, by R. Sidney Bowen the books follow the adventures of American RAF pilot Dave Dawson, and his fellow flyer, Freddy Farmer. The novels often contain a series of unlikely events, whereby the protagonists succeed in the face of unbelievable odds. Although based on real events, the novels tend to be heavily fictionalized and deviate from actual history in many instances. They were a childhood favorite of Stephen King, whose favorite line from the comics occurred when Dawson's planes "were always "prop-clawing for altitude".[1]

Titles in order of publication[edit]

Year Title
1941 Dave Dawson at Dunkirk
1941 Dave Dawson with the R.A.F.
1941 Dave Dawson in Libya
1941 Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol
1941 Dave Dawson Flight Lieutenant
1942 Dave Dawson At Singapore
1942 Dave Dawson With The Pacific Fleet
1942 Dave Dawson With The Air Corps
1942 Dave Dawson With The Commandos
1943 Dave Dawson On The Russian Front
1943 Dave Dawson With The Flying Tigers
1943 Dave Dawson On Guadalcanal
1944 Dave Dawson At Casablanca
1944 Dave Dawson With The Eighth Air Force
1946 Dave Dawson At Truk

Individual titles[edit]

Dave Dawson at Dunkirk[edit]

The first title in the series. The novel begins in Paris, where Dave is preparing for a tour of the Maginot Line with his father, who is serving as an attache to the American embassy. Germany, however begins the invasion of France and the Low Countries, and Dave becomes separated from his French comrade when a column of refugees is attacked by Stuka dive bombers. Dave meets up with his new acquantance, Freddy Farmer, shortly after he becomes separated from his French comrade. Freddy, it is revealed has been studying abroad in France, and has volunteered to drive ambulances. Much of the story takes place in Belgium, where Dave and Freddy serve alongside Belgian, British, and French troops. After an abortive attempt to relay the details of the German order of battle to the Allied commander (the two witness a battle map during a temporary encarceration by the Germans) the protagonists are forced to flee the beaches of Dunkirk, and make their way to Britain, where a British general has promised them careers as RAF pilots.

Dave Dawson with the R.A.F.[edit]

This is the second title in the Dave Dawson War Adventure series.

Dave Dawson in Libya[edit]

Dave Dawson in Libya is the third title in the series. The book debuted in 1941, and is set in Libya, following the war in North Africa.

The plot begins on the Royal Navy carrier, H.M.S. Victory in the Mediterranean, as Dave Dawson and his co-pilot and friend, Freddy Farmer engage German Ju 88 and Heinkel He 111 aircraft in their Blackburn Skua fighter-bombers. After once again distinguishing themselves in combat, Dave and Freddy are sent to Libya, where they will have a series of captures, and escapes from German forces, coming out as heroes by the end of the novel.

Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol[edit]

This is the fourth title in the Dave Dawson War Adventure series.

Dave Dawson Flight Lieutenant[edit]

Dave Dawson At Singapore[edit]

Dave Dawson With The Pacific Fleet[edit]

Dave Dawson With The Air Corps[edit]

Dave Dawson With The Commandos[edit]

Dave Dawson On The Russian Front[edit]

Dave Dawson With The Flying Tigers[edit]

Dave Dawson On Guadalcanal[edit]

Dave Dawson At Casablanca[edit]

Dave Dawson With The Eighth Air Force[edit]

Dave Dawson At Truk[edit]

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