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Dave Evans
Birth name David Evans
Born (1953-07-20) 20 July 1953 (age 61)
Origin Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom
Genres Rock, hard rock
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1973–present
Associated acts AC/DC, Rabbit, The Badasses, The Hot Cockerels, Thunder Down Under, The Apprentices
Website Dave Evans on Myspace

Dave Evans (born 20 July 1953) is an Australian singer of Welsh origin best known as the original lead singer of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC from 1973 to 1974.

Early life[edit]

Evans was born in the Welsh town of Carmarthen, and moved to Australia at the age of five with his parents. They settled in the Queensland city of Townsville, and later moved to Charters Towers, where he formed his first band at the age of seventeen. He later moved to Sydney, where AC/DC began.[1][2]


Evans is one of the original members of AC/DC along with Angus and Malcolm Young, Colin Burgess and Larry Van Kriedt during the band's foundation.[3] He was a member of the band for a year before being replaced by Bon Scott around October 1974. During his time with AC/DC, Evans recorded one single ("Can I Sit Next To You, Girl"/ "Rocking in the Parlour") which was released in Australia and New Zealand. A promotional video for "Can I Sit Next To You, Girl" was also produced.[4][5]

After AC/DC[edit]

After AC/DC, Evans joined Newcastle band Rabbit, replacing original singer Greg Douglas. Rabbit released 6 singles and two albums between 1975 and 1977, with their second album, Too Much Rock 'n' Roll becoming a mild success in Europe and Japan. His other bands included Dave Evans & The Hot Cockerels and Thunder Down Under.

Evans has also released three solo albums. The first was a live recording, A Hell of a Night, which was a memorial gig for the late Bon Scott featuring Rohan Moran on lead guitar, Simon Croft on rhythm guitar, Steve Michelmore on drums, and Dave Ross on bass. It was recorded on the 20th anniversary of Scott's death, with Melbourne AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck after Evans was invited to perform by friend and Thunderstruck member, Simon Croft. The second, Sinner was released in February 2006 recorded with some of the members of Evans' previous groups, Rabbit and Hot Cockerel plus some of Newcastle's finest rockers. In April 2010 he released his Judgement Day album in the UK through independent label Rocksector Records

Evans has toured in Europe with Munich band, Thunderstruck and with his own band, The Badasses as support to USA southern rock band, Molly Hatchet to great reviews in magazines and newspapers.

Dave Evans returned to Australia in late 2008, to perform at the Adelaide International Guitar Festival with The Party Boys, and later played a number of shows in the country with a band of young up and coming musicians from Victoria. The band featuring Evans on vocals, Liam Marsh (23) lead guitar, Sean Walsh (19) rhythm guitar, Jack De Rosso (18) bass and Jordan McDonald (16) drums, played their last show of the tour at the Peaches and Cream [1] Festival in Cobram alongside Mammal and Cog.

In May/June 2010 Evans undertook a UK Tour with a UK version of his Baddasses backing band. The band included Chris Appleton from Fury UK on lead guitar, Marshall Gill from New Model Army on lead guitar, Martin McNee from Fury UK on drums & Leon Gill on bass.

In 2011, Dave Evans and The Aussie Badasses were asked by James Young to headline a show on Australia Day for his birthday celebration concert at The Cherry Bar in ACDC Lane. The Aussie Baddasses are Darby Lee, Bass. Jackson Lee, Guitar and Liam Lee on Drums.

In June 2012, Evans performed as guest vocalist for the Norwegian band Barbed Wire on a mini AC/DC tribute tour.[6] The tour started with a concert on Trondheim Rock, where Twisted Sister performed after Barbed Wire and Dave Evans. The same month, Evans flew back to the UK, for a 12 Date Headline tour, performing songs from 'Judgement Day' & classic AC/DC tracks. This was more successful than his first tour of Britain & was a sign of things to come. His backing band the UK badasses featured Chris Appleton & Martin McNee of Absolva & Fury UK again on guitar & drums. Also Daniel Bate & Tom Atkinson of Absolva on bass & guitar.

In June/July 2013, Evans returned to the UK for a 14-date headline tour, celebrating 40 years of AC/DC.[7] He released a single "Little Headbanger" from 'Judgement Day' as a promo music video for the tour.[8] He also played four dates with Long Way To The Top – The AC/DC Spectacular.

Dave Evans returned to Europe In May 2014. He performed in Kiev, despite the political crisis and military conflicts with separatists and terrorists. Evans called the show "Ukraine still ROCKS!"[9] and was supported by local AC/DC tribute band – D/C Train.[10] The show in Kiev was held in the Bike-Rock-N-Roll Club Route 66[11] on 24 May. Dave Evans called it a historic event for him and rock music as a whole.


With AC/DC

With Rabbit

  • Rabbit (1976)
  • Too Much Rock N Roll (1976)

With Thunder Down Under

  • Thunder Down Under (1986)


  • Hell of a Night featuring Rohan Moran on lead guitar, Simon Croft, rhythm guitar.(2001)
  • Sinner (2006)
  • Judgement Day (2008)

Other appearances 2007 – Bon Scott Concert- Fremantle

In 2007 Dave Evans has been nominated to perform at The LA MUSIC AWARDS for his song of the SINNER CD "Sold My Soul to Rock 'n' Roll"

  • "Sellout" – Blood Duster, from the album Blood Duster (2003)

Dave Evans launched his new album Judgement Day in 2008 signing with STF Records. As of September 2011, Linda Burk will be playing bass on the latest US tour.

In 2013 Dave Evans played four Sydney dates with Long Way to the Top the AC/DC Spectacular.


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