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Dave Jones (right) on a panel at the Treefort Music Fest in March 2014.

Dave Jones is an early hardcore punk drummer known for his work with Agnostic Front on their highly regarded debut album Victim in Pain. Allmusic.com states that Victim in Pain was career-defining and confirmed AF's status as leaders of the NY hardcore movement.[1] A review of the album on allmusic states that the album "arguably remains the ultimate document of the New York hardcore scene".[2] Dave is seen in the large gatefold photo inside the album.Dave[3] Agnostic Front lead singer, Roger Miret, commented on the photo in a recent interview; "My favorite Agnostic Front show was at the old Rock Hotel... that was the 1st time I ever felt the feeling of our accomplishment within the scene. That show itself was the one we used a photo from in our very 1st NYHC classic release 'Victim In Pain'; It's the picture inside the gatefold. Every time I look at it my mind wanders deep into thoughts."[4]

Dave also appears on the lesser-known album by Mental Abuse SidSludge,[5] Streets of Filth. [6]

Jones was in other early hardcore bands:

  • The Enerjetics (who were opening act for The Plasmatics in the summer of 1980)News[7]
  • Jungle Rot (short-lived noise-core band)
  • The OutGroup (who played on many east-coast hardcore bills from 1981–83)Welcome[8]
  • Mental Floss/State of Survival


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