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Dave McDonald
Born (1977-11-01) November 1, 1977 (age 36)
Spring Lake, New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation Radio personality
Years active 2003–present

David Dodd McDonald (born November 1, 1977[1]), also known as East Side Dave and Davey Mac, is an American radio personality. He currently hosts two shows online- the Davey Mac Sports Program and The Watchers (a sports/comedy show and movie show respectively). McDonald was also the host of the Davey Mac Sports Program XL on Sirius XM Satellite Radio until March 2014. McDonald is also the former on-air producer for The Ron and Fez Show on Sirius XM. He has made frequent appearances on the Opie and Anthony Show.

Background and history[edit]

McDonald was raised in Spring Lake, New Jersey. He attended and graduated from Monmouth University, where he received a degree in communications. After working overnights on-air for radio stations such as WBJB-FM and WRAT and odd jobs such as a barback, waiter, and flower delivery man, McDonald was hired as a producer for Ron and Fez.

Davey Mac Sports Program[edit]

McDonald hosts the Davey Mac Sports Program. The show presents an irreverent take on sports and pop culture. The program can be heard on iTunes and/or RiotCast.com and/or EastSideDaveCountry.com, and has been featured on the "recommended" and "new and noteworthy" sections on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.[citation needed] The online show is recorded with band leader Roy Harter, who plays a character called Roy Shaffer on the show, from SkinnyMan studios in Times Square, New York.

The Watchers[edit]

McDonald also created and hosts the online radio show The Watchers, a program that focuses entirely on movie discussion. The show tapes once a month.

Ron and Fez[edit]

McDonald started working for the Ron and Fez Show in December 2005 as a producer. McDonald was working as a hot dog vendor outside of the Ron and Fez studios. Ron Bennington was quoted, "There's something funny about that hotdog cart guy." [2] Aside from Ron & Fez, he occasionally appeared on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show. In June 2010 he resigned from his positions at the Ron and Fez Show.

Special Delivery[edit]

In the fall of 2008, McDonald and Sam Roberts started Special Delivery for Sirius XM. The show started as a pre-taped hour airing on Saturday nights, then became a weekly live show. The show survived until November 2011, when it was switched over to McDonald's solo show - the Davey Mac Sports Program XL. Billy Mitchell was a frequent guest. Special Delivery did a live broadcast during the 2011 Kong Off where Hank Chien, Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe, and several other players competed in Donkey Kong.


McDonald has also appeared on television shows and written for different websites. McDonald contributed several comedic articles professionally for the websites RealityGeek.com, BigBrotherGossip.com, and EastSideDaveCountry.com. He has done voice-over work for two Rockstar video games - as the voice of "Stunt Boy" in Grand Theft Auto 4 and as "Perry Rose" in Red Dead Redemption. McDonald sometimes performs as a stand-up (including the New York Comedy Festival) as the "World's Worst Comedian", sharing a stage with Jim Norton, Bob Kelly, Colin Quinn and Rich Vos among others. McDonald also announced his cooperation with TLC to be a special guest on the April 21st, 2014 episode of "America's Worst Tattoos".[3] There was also an appearance on "truTV Presents: World's Dumbest..." on a segment called World's smartest innovations alongside comedian Chelsea Peretti.


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