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Dave Rodgers (born Giancarlo Pasquini, February 21, 1963) is an Italian songwriter, composer, and producer.


Born in Mantua, he started production with the band Aleph. Since then, he has collaborated with artists from around the world and has produced several multi-platinum albums. Rodgers has been honored by the Japanese music industry for selling more than 30 million albums as a singer, composer, and producer.

He is the owner of Rodgers Studio, and A-Beat C Productions co-founded with Alberto Contini. Considered by many to be the "Godfather of Eurobeat", he has written and produced songs for J-pop artists such as Namie Amuro, V6 and MAX, which proved to help introduce some of the Japanese music fans to the electronic music genre known as Eurobeat. He has produced countless works for the Super Eurobeat series, the world's longest-running series of dance music compilation albums, since its earliest issues. Many songs produced by Dave Rodgers have become massive hits, such as "Space Boy" by Dave Rodgers himself, "Music for the People" also by himself and also covered by V6, "Try Me" by Amuro Namie, "Go Go Money" by Neo, "Original Sin" by Powerful T. and "Get Wild" as a collaboration with Tetsuya Komuro. A handful of these songs are used in the Initial D anime and video games.

He has recently released a new CD under the name Dave Rodgers, called Blow Your Mind. The music on this CD has a more rock feel to it, as opposed to his previous Eurobeat songs. During this time, he also established a new Eurobeat label, Sun Fire Records.


Solo singles

Year Title
1994 Sun City (feat. Jennifer Batten)
1995 Nothing Changed
Fly (feat. Jennifer Batten)
1996 Milan Milan Milan
Music For The People (with Jennifer Batten)
Woman From Tokyo
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Boom Boom Japan
1998 Golden 70's Years
Space Boy
Kingdom of Rock
Go To The Top
Night Fever (with Mega NRG Man)
1999 Beat of The Rising Sun
2000 The Final Countdown
Black Fire
Stay The Night
We Wanna Rock
Ale' Japan
2001 Let's Go To The Show K2 The Auto Messe
Wheels of Fire
My Dream Team Is Verdy
Watch Me Dancing
2002 Fevernova (with Kiko Loureiro)
Dancing In The Starlight
2003 The Race Is Over
2004 Not Gonna Get Us
2005 Space Invader
2006 Make A Movement!!
Ring of Fire (feat. Kiko Loureiro)
2007 Make Up Your Mind
Red Core (feat. Stef Burns)
Watch Out
California Dreaming
The Final Game (with Kiko Loureiro)
2008 The V.I.P. Is JP
2009 Burning Like A Fire (feat. Alex de Rosso)
Love In The Elevator
Fire Dragon (feat. Patrick Rondat)
2010 Super Eurobeat (feat. Futura)
All Around The World (feat. M. Landau)
The Race Is The Game
The Race of The Night
2011 The House of Fire
2013 1 Fire
I Want To Feel
Into The Sunrise
2014 Money Money Money
New Race Game
  • "Above the Light"
  • "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
  • "Anniversary" (with Domino & Virginelle)
  • "Another Miracle" (with Nuage)
  • "Are We Gonna Be Together" (with Meri)
  • "Baby Come Back" (Dave Rodgers Mix) (with Domino)
  • "Baby Come Back" (Domino Mix) (with Domino)
  • "Beat Of The Rising Sun"
  • "Boom Boom Japan"
  • "Car Of Your Dreams" (with Nuage)
  • "Come On Everybody"
  • "Come On Let's Dance"
  • "Contact" (with Karen)
  • "Could It Be Magic" (with Karen)
  • "Crimson Kiss"
  • "Deja Vu"
  • "Disco Fire"
  • "Dive Into Your Body"
  • "Don't Let Me Cry" (with Nuage)
  • "Don't Make Me Cry" (with Nuage)
  • "Fever"
  • "Fly"
  • "Get Wild"
  • "Go To The Top"
  • "Golden 70's Years"
  • "I Believe In You" (with Domino)
  • "I Just Wanna Find You" (with Domino)
  • "I Wanna Give You My Heart" (with Meri)
  • "I Was Made For Lovin' You"
  • "I'll Be Your Hero
  • "I Want To Feel"
  • "Kingdom Of Rock"
  • "Let It Be"
  • "Like A Space Invader" (Extended Friday Version)
  • "Like A Space Invader" (Extended Saturday Version)
  • "Livin' La Vida Mickey"
  • "Living In Peace" (with Karen)
  • "Love Train"
  • "Lucky Man"
  • "Made In Japan"
  • "Mary Ann" (with Domino)
  • "Merry Christmas Baby"
  • "Milan Milan Milan"
  • "Money Money Money"
  • "Music For The People" (with Jennifer Batton)
  • "Night Fever" (with Mega NRG Man)
  • "Nothing Changed"
  • "Red Hot Zip" (with Domino)
  • "Resistance"
  • "Rich & Famous"
  • "Saturday Night Fever"
  • "Self Control"
  • "Seventies"
  • "Smoke On The Water"
  • "Soul Gasoline"
  • "Space Boy"
  • "Sun City"
  • "Sun City 2008"
  • "Surrender" (with Karen)
  • "Sweat & Tears"
  • "Sweet Little Cinderella" (with Domino)
  • "Take Me Higher"
  • "Tension"
  • "They Say" (with Dr. D.O.P.E.)
  • "Time To Countdown"
  • "True To Your Heart"
  • "Two Worlds"
  • "Unbelievable" (with Annalise)
  • "Victory"
  • "We Are The Champions" (with A-Beat Friends)
  • "Wild Heaven"
  • "Wild Reputation 2005"
  • "Woman From Tokyo"
  • "You'll Be In My Heart"

Songs by Giancarlo Pasquini in the group Aleph[edit]

  • "Let The Music Play"
  • "Fly To Me"
  • "Doctor"
  • "Take My Life"
  • "Generation Of Love"
  • "Hero"
  • "Bad Power"
  • "Big Brother"
  • "Black Out"
  • "Bloody Feeling"
  • "Break Away"
  • "Check It Up"
  • "Fire On The Moon"
  • "I'm In Danger"
  • "Just For Love"
  • "Never Let Me Down"
  • "Silver"

Songs by Giancarlo Pasquini under the alias The Big Brother[edit]

  • "Soul Gasoline"
  • "Oh Oh Girls Are Dancing"
  • "Wild Reputation"
  • "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"
  • "Rock And Roll"
  • "Dancing In The Fire"
  • "Big Time"
  • "Ai No Corrida"
  • "September"
  • "Tears On My Eyes"
  • "Red Fire"
  • "L.A. Time"
  • "Knock On Wood"

Songs by Giancarlo Pasquini under other aliases[edit]

  • Raymond Barry - "Get Back"
  • Chester - "Right Time"
  • Dr. Money - "Give Up"
  • Patrick Hooley - "Catching Your Time"
  • Patrick Hooley - "Listen to Your Heart"
  • Tommy J - "Desire"
  • Manzi-Bellini - "In Your Eyes"
  • Billy Mappy - "Get It On"
  • Paul Murray - "Comedia"
  • Red Skins - "Dance Around the Totem"
  • Mario Ross - "More Illusions"
  • Mario Ross - "Push Push Ballerina"
  • RCS - "Rocking The City"
  • Robert Stone - "Black Cars"
  • Robert Stone - "Burning Heart"
  • Robert Stone - "Dance Girl"
  • Robert Stone - "Don't Give Up"
  • Robert Stone - "Pocket Time"
  • Robert Stone - "Welcome To The Jungle"
  • Roby Benvenuto - "Gringo"


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