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Dave Sinardet is a Belgian political scientist, author and columnist.

Dave Sinardet is a professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and at the University of Antwerp, post-doctoral research fellow of the FWO (National Fund for Scientific Research) and part-time professor at the Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis in Brussels.

He is also an op-ed columnist for the Dutch-speaking newspaper De Standaard and the French-speaking newspaper Le Soir.

He is considered as rather opposed to autonomy for Flanders and in favor of strong central, unitary institutions in Belgium. He is a member of the Pavia group. The mission of this group is to promote a federal or unitary electoral district in Belgium, where inhabitants can vote for the same parties, Flemish and French.[1]

Research themes[edit]

Dave Sinardet's research concentrates on comparative federalism, nationalism, language politics, consociational democracy, multi-level politics, public sphere and political communication. His phd dealt with the role of media in the representation of Belgium's political language conflict and more generally with the question of how a public sphere functions in a federal multilingual country such as Belgium.

He has published in political science journals such as West European Politics, Acta Politica (nl) or ("International Journal of Political Science"à, Regional and Federal Studies and Governance.

He is also an active participant in the Belgian public debate on federalism and nationalism, as one of the rare opinion makers active on both sides of the language frontier. He is also regularly interviewed by international media on Belgian politics.

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