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Dave Stroud is an American vocal coach, vocal educator, and lecturer. He is the former CEO of Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing International.[1] Stroud's clients have included Justin Bieber, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert,[2] Natasha Bedingfield,[3] Cody Simpson, Daniel Bedingfield,[4] Mike Posner, Terry Ellis (En Vogue),[5] and Ethan Bortnick.

Early life and education[edit]

David Lee Stroud was born on November 2, 1965 in Provo, Utah to Calvin Stroud and Gerta Palmer, Mormon farmers. Stroud attended Valley High School in Orderville, Utah and Provo Canyon School in Provo.


In 2010, Stroud created DS Vocology LLC., an company offering singers products, services, software and education called VocalizeU. VocalizeU produces support for singers in the form of events, software, products, and a VocalizeU teaching network. After having produced vocal events for 15 years, Stroud rebranded under the VocalizeU banner his Annual VocalizeU Summer Artist Intensive in 2012. This event brought over 150 students who came from all around the world to study with Stroud and other trainers. Stroud's company also produced a VocalizeU Winter Songwriting Retreat, an intimate winter retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains to focus on artists' identity, vocal development, creativity, and songwriting skills. In July 2013, Stroud's company produced another VocalizeU Summer Intensive at Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles, California.[6][7][8] Vocology was invented by Ingo Titze and George Gates.

Stroud’s first business was opening a nightclub in 1989, “CLUB DV8” at the age of 22.[9] “DV8” nightclub was a hot spot for up and coming artists and established bands like “Pearl Jam”.[10] As founder and partner, Stroud ran “CLUB DV8” successfully for a while but while on vacation in San Francisco, CA (in 1991) he decided to not return, and sold the nightclub. “DV8” was open until its final closing in 2004.[11] In 1988 (while in Utah) Stroud had begun teaching voice lessons and opened his own vocal studio. It wasn’t until he moved to San Francisco that he realized he truly loved and wanted to focus more on teaching.[12] In 1990, Stroud opened DSVS (Dave Stroud Vocal Studio) in San Francisco, CA.[12] While in San Francisco, Stroud also worked training singers with the South Bay School of Music Arts and Showcase Music Institute.[13] In 1998 Stroud also opened a Los Angeles branch of ‘DSVS’. Stroud closed his San Francisco location in 2004 to focus solely on ‘DSVS’, Los Angeles.[14]

In 1995, Stroud began talks with vocal coach Seth Riggs and Seth's late wife, Kathleen Riggs. Riggs and Stroud came up with a program for voice teachers to provide education and accountability.[15] In 1999, the company was put together and in 2000 the company began teacher certification. In 2000, Stroud trademarked the term, “Speech Level Singing.”[16] Stroud led the company as CEO/Partner (since conception) [1] and created & designed: international association of over 700 pre-certified and certified teachers, certification education manual, annual training events, teacher conferences, summer intensives, testing and development systems for voice teachers.[17][18] In March 2010, Stroud resigned from his position as CEO of SLS.

While CEO of SLS, Stroud created “ADG” (Artist Development Group), a production company creating multimedia content for US based and global artists. In 2003 Stroud designed ‘Singers Advantage’ (a multimedia music & performance education package), which ultimately became was co-branded by American Idol.[19]

In 2002, Stroud produced his own artist showcase and turned it into a DVD series.[20]

In 1998, Stroud produced the CD, “If You Believe” as a fundraiser for the Northern California Songwriters Association. The CD reached# 39 on the top 40 list on R&R charts.[21] Songs were written by Narada Michael Walden and Sal Dakota and Tony Lindsay, produced by Geoff Grace, and mixed by Bobby Brooks.[22]

In 1995, Stroud created a magazine for singers and musicians called, “Connecting Voices”, it sold 20,000 copies a quarter until it was stopped.[23]

TV appearances[edit]

  • 2008, Stroud joined his client, Terry Ellis of En Vogue, on stage for "Don't Forget The Lyrics".[5]

Educational businesses[edit]

National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Stanford University, University of Southern California, San Francisco Conservatory, Palo Alto Research Center, Pacific Voice Foundation, Canadian Voice Care Foundation, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Kunstuniversitaet Graz in Austria, The Jazz School in Berkeley, California, Marlborough School, Jazz Camp West, US multi-city masterclasses.[24][25][26][27][28]

Awards and recognition[edit]


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