Davenport Blue Sox

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Davenport Blue Sox
Davenport, Iowa
  • Class A (1934-1937)
  • Class B (1933)
  • Class D (1929-1932)
  • Class B (1902-1916)
  • Class D (1901)
Minor league affiliations
Major league affiliations
  • Davenport Blue Sox (1913-1937)
  • Davenport Prodigals (1909-1912)
  • Davenport Knickerbockers (1906)
  • Davenport Riversides (1905)
  • Davenport River Rats (1901-1904)
  • Municipal Stadium
Minor league titles
League titles 3 (1914, 1933, 1936)

The Davenport Blue Sox was the name given to three minor league baseball teams based in Davenport, Iowa. The first version of the Blue Sox played in the Class B Three-I League from 1913-1916. The second played in the Class D Mississippi Valley League from 1929-1933, and the third version played in the Western League from 1934-1937. From 1936-1937, the team was a minor league affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Blue Sox played their home games at Municipal Stadium from 1931-1937.

The 1933 club has been rated as the 58th best minor league baseball team of all time.[1]

Year-by-year record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1913 68-66 3rd Daniel O'Leary none
1914 83-52 1st Daniel O'Leary none League Champs
1915 76-52 1st (t) Daniel O'Leary Lost League Finals
1916 56-77 8th Daniel O'Leary none
1929 69-57 3rd Ed Reichle none
1930 64-61 3rd Ed Reichle none
1931 53-73 6th Ed Reichle / Cletus Dixon none
1932 78-47 1st Cletus Dixon Lost League Finals
1933 82-32 1st Cletus Dixon League Champs
1934 70-53 2nd Cletus Dixon Lost League Finals
1935 70-46 1st Cletus Dixon Lost in 1st round
1936 74-52 1st Cletus Dixon none League Champs
1937 57-59 3rd Jack Fitzpatrick none


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