David Asscherick

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David Asscherick
Spouse(s) Violeta Asscherick
Children Landon Asscherick, Jabel Asscherick
Church Seventh-day Adventist
Congregations served
Sonora Seventh-Day Adventist Church

David Asscherick is the co-founder of ARISE. He is the former (from 2002 to 2007) pastor of the Troy Seventh-day Adventist Church in Troy, Michigan.[1] In 2011, ARISE merged with Light Bearers[2] and David became co-director of Light Bearers[3] (2011–present). He has been featured on 3ABN and Hope Channel and has been a regular presenter at the annual Generation of Youth for Christ conferences.

A former punk rocker,[4] David became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian at the age of 23[5] and went on to become a pastor, co-found of ARISE and author of God in Pain.[6]

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