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David Axe
David Axe.jpg
David Axe in 2011
Nationality American
Occupation Military Correspondent

David Axe is an American military correspondent who writes on military life and aspects of current conflicts. Axe is a prolific blogger and has published several books. Defense IQ ranked David Axe's website War is Boring as one of the top 10 defense blogs of 2011, describing it as "quirky, cutting and very, very good."[1]


Since 2005, Axe has reported from the United Kingdom, Iraq, Lebanon, Japan, East Timor, Afghanistan, Somalia, Chad, Nicaragua, Kenya, Gabon, Congo and other countries. He is a regular contributor to The Diplomat, Wired and many others,[2] he also shoots video for Voice of America.

Axe is a contributing editor at Warships Fleet International.

Published works[edit]

  • War Fix: Graphic novel war memoir.
  • Army 101: Account of army ROTC life centered around students at the University of South Carolina in the early 2000s.
  • War Bots: Examination of the technological, strategic and moral implication of the use of robots in warfare.
  • War is Boring: Collaboration with artist Matt Bors.
  • From A to B: The story of modern logistics and how it underpins American power.
  • The Accidental Candidate: The Rise and Fall of Alvin Greene
  • Army of God: Joseph Kony's War in Central Africa: Drawn from on-the-ground reporting, Army of God is the first-ever graphic account of the global phenomenon surrounding Kony—from the devastation he has left behind to the long campaign to defeat him for good


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  • David Axe & Matt Bors (2010). War is Boring: Bored Stiff, Scared to Death in the World's Worst War Zones. NAL Trade.
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