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David Burrows (born March 21, 1962 in Dallas, Texas) is a producer, director and writer for both film and television. He also has over 15 years experience in Marketing and Business Development.

Some of his projects include Grin & Barrett, a weekly entertainment reality based television show focusing on style, fashion, cuisine and travel (with a twist of humor) hosted by Texas socialite Angie Barrett, and two feature-length documentaries America Speaks Out!, which was shot during the 2004 Republican and Democratic national political conventions, and Walking with Freedom, a music-filled journey following Michael Daniel as he attempts to hike 2,170 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

Burrows also developed the 2004 Presidential campaign spoof, "Electile Dysfunction", for Fuse as their first successful non-music series to compete with MTV's "Rock the Vote" programming.

His production company, Barking Harley Productions (named after his Jack Russell Terrier), has also produced several music videos and dozens of television and radio commercials.

Burrows is an alumnus of Baylor University where he began by seeking a law degree and then switched to a business major. During college he launched several business concepts. Those included a music DJ business, retirement and brokerage sales and even a breast pump rental company. While at Baylor, he also served as state chairman for the College Republicans of Texas and was even supported in his race by the now infamous lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

In 1998, working with Mark Cuban's broadcast.com, Burrows headed up the marketing team responsible for the historical Victoria's Secret Fashion Show webcast which resulted in over five million viewers. He also worked on the webcast for John Glenn's return into space.

As well as producing, he has acted in film and television including Daredevil, Family Law and the brief CBS drama LAX. Burrows launched Fzzz! Media, a digital ad agency located in Deep_Ellum. He's consulted and worked with several technology and retail startups.

Burrows is co-founder and Vice President of Perfect Attendance, which hosts monthly concerts and rewards teens with donations from corporations such as Six Flags, Blockbuster and American Airlines to motivate high school students to stay in school and improve their grade performance. He is also a member of the Dallas Producers Association, the Sundance Film Producers Conference and a past judge for MTV's VMA awards.

Currently, Burrows serves as Vice President of Marketing for Cinsay_Inc.

Burrows lives in Dallas with his wife Margaret and their two dogs Harley and Bailey.