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David Cann
Occupation actor

David Cann is an English actor who has had many roles in theatre and television.

He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 1973 and spent many years working in theatre, including various Shakespeare plays before eventually branching out into television, including roles in the BBC children's drama Grange Hill. When he married he cut down his work schedule to become a househusband after his son was born in 1988 whilst his wife worked full-time as a doctor. His wife died of breast cancer in 2001.[1]

David Cann is probably familiar to many people due to his roles in various works by Chris Morris. Cann played various roles in Brass Eye, a spoof current affairs show aired in 1997, and many roles in the disturbing sketch show Jam.

Cann is possibly best known for his character "The Doctor" from Jam, a recurring role in the series. "The Doctor" is a seemingly "normal" physician working in a standard British medical practice. However, he has a habit of treating his patients in bizarre and often disturbing ways, such as prescribing a young girl heroin, making a man with a headache jump up and down in order to make his penis swing (while mirroring the patient's bewildered jumping himself), blinding himself with an intense light in order to avoid awkward questions and insisting on examining a patient by telephone, even though he is in the same room.

In 2003, Cann played another doctor in the popular British soap opera EastEnders.

Cann also had a minor role in Bridget Jones's Diary (2001).[2]

Cann appeared in the pilot of Lizzie and Sarah, a dark comedy written by Julia Davis, of Nighty Night fame, and Jessica Hynes, from Spaced, broadcast on BBC2 in March 2010.[3] The plot centres on a pair of unloved, neglected, middle-aged housewives who are pushed to breaking point.[4] Cann plays one of the husbands, who totally ignores his wife whilst sleeping with the lazy nanny.

Cann again played a doctor in the first episode of Psychoville, series 2 (first broadcast 5 May 2011).

In 2011, Cann voiced the titular Peter Eagleman in the 2011 BAFTA award winning short animated film The Eagleman Stag.


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