David Citadel Hotel

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David Citadel Hotel
מלון מצודת דוד
General information
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Coordinates 31°46′37.9″N 35°13′23.4″E / 31.777194°N 35.223167°E / 31.777194; 35.223167
Opening 1998
Owner Alrov Group
Management Alrov Hotels
Technical details
Floor count 10
Design and construction
Architect Moshe Safdie
Developer Alfred Akirov
Other information
Number of rooms 384
Number of suites 41
Number of restaurants 4
View of the Old City through the courtyard of the hotel.

The David Citadel Hotel (Hebrew: מָלוֹן מֽצוּדָת דָּוִד, malón mezudát davíd) is a luxury hotel in the center of Jerusalem, Israel. The hotel is on King David Street, close to the entrance to the Old City. The hotel hosts VIPs, including global political leaders, business moguls and celebrities, competing with the nearby King David Hotel for the title of "Jerusalem’s Flagship Hotel"[1]


The hotel was designed by Moshe Safdie[2] as a U shaped structure rising 10 storeys high with 384 rooms and suites. It has terrace-style suites that overlook the Old City and the Tower of David, and the glass-domed public lobby in the inner part of the "U". The building is an integral part of the Mamilla development project planned by Safdie, and highlights a neo-oriental style which blends Middle-Eastern and classic Jerusalem architectural elements.

The hotel is owned by the Tel Aviv-based Alrov hotel and real estate development group, under the tutelage of Israeli business titan Alfred Akirov. The hotel opened in 1998 and was originally dubbed as the "Hilton Jerusalem." It was managed by Hilton International and was supposed to bring the property international notoriety. However, after a business dispute between Alfred Akirov and Hilton International, which developed into multi-million-dollar mutual lawsuits between the two corporations[3] Hilton pulled out of managing the property in 2001. The owners decided that the hotel would not engage another international chain to manage the property and was renamed The David Citadel Hotel. Today the hotel is managed by the Alrov Hotel Group. The Alrov Hotel Group owns five luxury properties in Jerusalem, Amsterdam, London and Paris.

People who have stayed include former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife Senator Hillary Clinton, as well as Republican Party Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, Senator Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice,[4] who has used the facility to conduct quiet meetings between Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiating teams.


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Coordinates: 31°46′37.9″N 35°13′23.4″E / 31.777194°N 35.223167°E / 31.777194; 35.223167