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David D. Doniger & Company was a manufacturer of branded sportswear in the United States founded in 1921. It was the largest such US company in the mid-twentieth century, with sales of $50,000,000 in 7,000 outlets in 1956.

Formerly a prominent exporter, tariff barriers and dollar shortages reduced its overseas markets.[1] In January 1961 the company's home office was located at 666 Fifth Avenue (Manhattan).[2]

McGregor sportswear[edit]

David D. Doniger imported his first line of clothes from Scotland and selected the McGregor label to go with it.[3] In 1956 it licensed companies in eight foreign countries to produce sportswear using its McGregor label.[1] By the mid 1970s the firm had changed its name to McGregor-Doniger.[4]

William and Harry E. Doniger (March 13, 1904 – January 3, 1961), the sons of David D. Doniger, succeeded their father as heads of McGregor-doniger. Harry E. Doniger was credited with making colorful men's sportswear popular. In 1955 he was chosen Man of the Year for Men's Wear industry.[2]


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