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David Goodhart is a British journalist, commentator, author and director of the "think tank" Demos. He is the founder and former editor of Prospect magazine.

Education & career[edit]

Goodhart was educated at Eton College and York University, where he gained a degree in history and politics.[1]

Goodhart was a correspondent for the Financial Times for 12 years, in part of the period he was stationed in Germany.[2][3]

He founded Prospect, a British current affairs magazine in 1995 and was the editor until 2010, when he became editor-at-large.[4]

In December, 2011, David Goodhart started as director of the London based think tank Demos.[5]

Goodhart has produced several radio documentaries for the BBC on subjects ranging from the rise of Blue Labour to mass immigration.[6] He has frequently written for The Guardian, The Independent and The Times.

In April, 2013, he published the book The British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-war Immigration where he argues that high immigration can undermine national solidarity and be a threat to social democratic ideals about a welfare state. He advocates that immigration to the United Kingdom should be reduced and more emphasis put on integrating immigrants.[7][8]


He is married to Financial Times journalist Lucy Kellaway; they have four children.[9]



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