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Professor David Havard Macleod Brooks MA (Cantab) Ph.D. (UCT)
Born 6 February 1950
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Died 27 October 1996
Cape Town
Occupation Philosopher
Era 20th-century philosophy
Spouse(s) Rowena Sylvia Brooks
Parent(s) Ronald & Nan (Nee Jones) Brooks

David Havard Macleod Brooks (6 February 1950 - 27 October 1996) was a South African philosopher and professor of philosophy at the University of Cape Town.

He went to Cordwalles Preparatory School in Pietermaritzburg (68-70) where his father Ronald Charles Brooks was headmaster. He then went to Michaelhouse (64-67) and on to University in Pietermaritzburg. His second degree was his MA Emmanuel College, Cambridge and his doctorate was from the University of Cape Town.

Brooks was born in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. He is the author of The Unity of Mind, published by Macmillan in 1994 and also the author of papers on philosophical aspects of biology and on the special wrongness which characterises racial discrimination, On living in an Unjust Society published in the Journal of Applied Philosophy, and subsequently anthologized in a collection entitled Social Ethics; and on human rights in South Africa. He died in Cape Town on 27 October 1996.

Posthumous publication on research into the Enneagram Brooks, David, "Are personality traits inherited?" South African Journal of Science, Jan 1998, Vol. 94, p9.

Only very sophisticated organisms like philosophers fail to be naive realists! - David H.M. Brooks How to Solve the Hard Problem: A Predictable Inexplicability 1999

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Reduction comes to supervenience plus explicability. Thus biconditionals, multiple realizability, etc., are irrelevant. Biology is already reduced (mostly via functional explanation), and psychology looks promising. Nice.

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Posthumous publication: How to Solve the Hard Problem: A Predictable Inexplicability [1]

Review of 'The Unity of the Mind in the Journal 'Mind' [2]


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