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David Harsh
Occupation Solo Singer and Songwriter

David Harsh is an American Christian singer, songwriter, and music producer who has won multiple national awards for his songwriting. He is well known for his performance of 'Four Limbs', a song in which he plays with two guitars; one with his hands, and the other with his feet.[1] He considers his music to fall under the complex "Christian acoustic folk rock" genre.[2] His most recent album, This Side of Heaven, was released on October 20, 2012, and reflects the changes in his life since having a child.


David Harsh was originally trained in Opera, and is able to sing in six different languages.[3] Despite this training, he later deviated from it, and released his first Contemporary Christian album titled 'Envoy' in 1999. He released his second album in 2002, titled 'Making Up for Lost Time', along with his band. In 2003, David took 1st Place in the AGMA National Songwriting Competition for Pop/Rock Alternative with the title track from his 2002 album. Shortly after, he entered full-time into his musical ministry.[4] Following the success of his previous album, he released 'Traveling Companion' as a solo project in November 2006. He has since remained active in the industry, performing numerous concerts throughout the US and teaching seminars at area conferences and local churches. David Harsh Ministries is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization David serves through. In the spring of 2010 David partnered with the Christian Musician Summit to release his first instructional DVD titled "Acoustic Guitar: Tools for Worship"; it is being distributed nationally through Hal Leonard Publishing.

David has trained with several of the most acclaimed guitar players in the world, including Pierre Bensusan, Alex De Grassi, Phil Keaggy and others.[5]

Personal life[edit]

David Harsh is married to Whitney Harsh, his booking agent. They have one child; a daughter named Madeline (born in 2007).


Title Date Label
Envoy January 7, 1998 Three Strands Music
Making Up for Lost Time October 20, 2002 Three Strands Music
Traveling Companion November 18, 2006 Three Strands Music
This Side of Heaven October 7, 2012 Three Strands Music


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