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David Hurn is a British singer-songwriter.

Originally from Cornwall, Hurn came to London in the 1990s to write and play music. He worked with a variety of groups and projects including the art-rock band Ever-Opening Flower'

Hurn's musical interest began drifting away from rock towards acoustic playing, and in 1998 he decided to go solo. His debut solo release was "Sick Of Hate", a 7" single on Day Release Records in 1999. Hurn promoted the release with a number of live shows in the UK, and two performances at the Koch and Kiesler gallery in Berlin.

Hurn released two vocal albums on Fire Records - He Was A Woman (2002) and The Beautiful Trustful Future (2008). Also released were the following singles and EPs: "No Love" (2002); "I'm Spending Christmas With Jesus This Year" (2005 - described by the Western Mail newspaper as "probably the most tragic Christmas song ever produced"); "How I Came To Hate My Saviour" (2006) and "The Man Who Stayed In Bed Forever" (2007). Although not a lover of live performance, Hurn was personally invited to open shows for, among others, Mark Eitzel and British Sea Power Hurn has also contributed music to Chamber Music (Fire Records' James Joyce tribute album), featuring 36 different artists including Sonic Youth, Ed Harcourt, Peter Buck, and many more.(released 2008)

In February 2010 Trace Recordings released 'Black Flowers', a collection of Hurn's instrumental works from 1997-98.

Hurn also runs a side band with guitarist James O'Sullivan called Four Seasons Television. This project attempts to explore the relationship between improvisation and composition, combining various experimental musicians with song forms.

In July 2013 a new instrumental E.P. titled 'The Glaze' was made available as a digital download via Bancamp. Hurn is currently collaborating with poet and singer Ingrid Chavez as well as working on solo material

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