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Dave Jones (born 1949) is a member of the States of Guernsey and is the current Housing Minister, (this is his third term in that post) and a member of the Policy Council of Guernsey.[1][2]

Born in 1949, he was found in a cellar in Golders Green, London with his sister Kathleen. They were both suffering from malnutrition and influenza. David was taken into the care of Barnardo's where he remained until the age of 15 when he started work. He left England as a young man and settled in Guernsey in 1970, worked in the heavy plant industry (Excavators & Trucks etc.) and is now one of the island's Government Ministers. Married in 1978 he has two grown children and three grandchildren.[citation needed]

He supports Guernsey's self-governance and independence. He is a member of the External Relations Group, supports Island wide voting, parish schools, tougher sentencing for criminal damage, Tidal power and the continuation of the social house building programme. Dave Jones is a member of UKIP. He has written several articles, some of which have been published, on the failings of the European Union with his other favourite subject being the breakdown of the family unit, feral youngsters and the lack of parental control or accountability for the actions of their children. He is in his fourth term of office as a States Deputy. (See States of Guernsey web site, elected members)


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