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David Jones
David Jones - 2003.jpg
David Jones in 2003
Born Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Video game designer
Known for Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto

David Jones (born 1966) is a Scottish games programmer and entrepreneur who founded DMA Design in 1988 (now known as Rockstar North as of 2002) and Realtime Worlds in 2002.[1] Jones created major game series Lemmings and the highly acclaimed, but controversial Grand Theft Auto[2] video game (which later spawned many successful sequels). Jones founded the computer game company Realtime Worlds in 2002 where he worked as a creative director of the company. His most recent work was creating the original franchise Crackdown for the Xbox 360 console and the open-ended massively multiplayer online game, APB: All Points Bulletin.[3]


David Jones career started with indie game Menace which he released in 1988. The game sold 15,000 copies and Jones went on to make a second game, Blood Money. With his company DMA Design, Jones created Lemmings, resulting in awards including winning European Game of the Year twice.[4] DMA Design went on to create Grand Theft Auto. In 2012 Jones revealed that much of the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto was engineered by their publicist.[5]

In 2002 Jones founded Realtime Worlds who developed Crackdown and APB: All Points Bulletin.[6]

Jones was the keynote speaker for the World Cyber Games in 2004 where he said that he considered mainstream multiplatform gaming to be the next big thing,[7] and for the 2009 Develop Conference in Brighton.[8]

In 2012 David Jones started work on ChronoBlade, a Facebook action-RPG game, with Stieg Hedlund as part of San Francisco-based development team nWay.[9]



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