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For the American footballer, see Dave Lloyd (American football).

David Lloyd (born June 1872) was an English footballer who played for Thames Ironworks, the club that went on to become West Ham United.

Lloyd played for the Third Grenadier Guards before moving to the Irons in 1898. He played for Thames Ironworks during the 1898-99 season, the club's only season in the Southern League Division Two.

Lloyd, who was six foot four inches in height, played as a forward, although his first two league games for Thames Ironworks were as a full-back. He scored a hattrick on his debut as a forward, against St Albans, and went on to score 14 goals in 11 games in the position. He also played in three FA Cup games.

After finishing the season as champions, Lloyd scored in the test match against Sheppey United, but in the end the result didn't matter as Division One was increased from 13 to 19 teams for the 1899-1900 season. He ended the 1898-99 season as top scorer for West Ham, but moved on before they played in the enlarged division.


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