David McIntosh (Gladiators)

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David McIntosh
Born David McIntosh
(1985-12-10) 10 December 1985 (age 29)
Residence Manchester
Nationality British
Occupation Security operative
Television personality
Fitness model
Television Celebrity Big Brother 14 (2014)
Relatives Logan Phoenix McIntosh

David McIntosh (born 10 December 1985) is a British ex-military and security operative who became a television personality, actor, and fitness model. A former Royal Marines commando, he was a Gladiator on the Sky 1 TV series Gladiators, under the name Tornado.[1] In 2014, he participated in Celebrity Big Brother 14.[2]


Born to an English mother and Jamaican father, McIntosh grew up in Platt Bridge, Greater Manchester. He went to Holy Family Primary School in Platt Bridge and then St Edmund Arrowsmith high school in Ashton in Makerfield. After school, McIntosh became a Royal Marines Commando at age 16, serving in Northern Ireland, Somalia, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan.[3] Upon leaving the Marines, McIntosh took on the role of Gladiator "Tornado" on the Sky 1 show Gladiators.[4]

Following Gladiators, McIntosh worked in security.[5] In late 2013 McIntosh worked in security transportation on a badger culling operation, and after crashing a van loaded with dead badgers into a bus stop he received a traffic violation resulting in a court fine.[6] McIntosh was also found guilty of driving for eight years with a license that had been revoked for a previous traffic violation.[7]

In 2014, McIntosh appeared in fitness magazine "Muscle & Fitness",[8] the Jennifer Hudson music video "Walk It Out",[9] and the Nicki Minaj music video "Anaconda".[10] In August 2014, McIntosh entered the Celebrity Big Brother house[11] for a reported fee of £200,000.[12] McIntosh was the first to be evicted from the house.[13]

Personal life[edit]

McIntosh has been reported to date celebrities including Gina Rodriguez,[14] Danielle Lloyd,[15] Sara Jones,[16] Chantelle Houghton,[17] Rachel Christie,[18] Sarah Harper,[19] Chanelle Hayes,[20] Metisha Schaefer,[21] and Kelly Brook.[22] McIntosh claimed to have not dated Rodriguez,[23] and not know Houghton.[24]

In 2011 McIntosh became a father with Christie to their son Logan Phoenix McIntosh.[25] In March 2014 McIntosh and Brook announced their engagement,[26] split up in September 2014,[27] reconciled in October 2014,[28] and split up permanently in November 2014.[29] Following the split, McIntosh demanded that Brook compensate him for gifts he had given during the relationship, however Brook declined.[30]


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