David Mocatta

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David Mocatta
Born 1806
Died 1 May 1882(1882-05-01)
South Kensington, London
Nationality British
Occupation Architect
Buildings Montefiore Synagogue, Brighton Regency Synagogue
Projects Stations for the London and Brighton Railway

David Mocatta (1806–1882) was a British architect and a member of the Anglo-Jewish Mocatta family.


Mocatta's station at Brighton (1841)
Synagogue and tomb of Moses Montefiore in Ramsgate

Mocatta studied in London from 1821 to 1827 under Sir John Soane[1][2] and then travelled in Italy.[1]

Mocatta was the architect of the London and Brighton Railway,[3] designing seven italianate railway stations. Mocatta also designed balustrades and a set of eight Italianate pavilions to ornament John Urpeth Rastrick's Ouse Valley Viaduct for the L&BR.

His synagogue in Ramsgate for Moses Montefiore (1833) was possibly the first in England to be designed by a Jewish architect.[4] The West London Synagogue of British Jews commissioned Mocatta to design both their temporary premises in Burton Street (1841) and their building in Margaret Street (1851). The latter was a substantial structure, seating 400 and costing more than £4,000.[4]

He was elected a Fellow of the Institute of British Architects (later the RIBA) in 1836,[1] and was an early member of its council.[4] In later years he became Senior Trustee of the Soane Museum. He was a founder member of the West London Synagogue eventually becoming chairman of its council.[4] He retired from architecture early, having inherited the family fortunes.[4]

Mocatta House, a modern office development in Trafalgar Place, Brighton is named after him.



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