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David Randall Hertz (born October 6, 1960) is an American architect, inventor and educator. He is known for his work in sustainable architecture and as an early innovator in the development of recycled building materials. He is founder and president of S.E.A., the Studio of Environmental Architecture, based in Venice Beach, California. In 2008 Hertz was elected to the prestigious College of Fellows of The American Institute of Architects as the youngest member in its 152 year history.[1]

Hertz got his start in architecture at a young age. In high school Hertz often sneaked into construction sites because of his interest in building. After being caught by a property owner, he was introduced to the building's designer, famed Los Angeles architect John Lautner. Hertz then apprenticed under Lautner for four years. After receiving a degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 1980, Hertz went on to work in the office of Frank Gehry before founding his own firm, Syndesis, in 1983. Hertz's firm is now called The Studio of Environmental Architecture and is based in Venice Beach, California.

In 2011, Hertz completed his most ambitious and widely recognized project to date. The 747 Wing House was built from a mothballed Boeing 747-200 in the Santa Monica mountains. The project was extremely complex and called for using a CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopter to transport sections of the plane to the building site.[2][3]