David Range

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The David Range (67°54′S 62°30′E / 67.900°S 62.500°E / -67.900; 62.500Coordinates: 67°54′S 62°30′E / 67.900°S 62.500°E / -67.900; 62.500) is a mountain range 5 miles (8 km) west of the Masson Range, which it parallels, in the Framnes Mountains of Antarctica. It extends 16 miles (26 km) in a northnortheast–southsouthwest direction, with peaks rising to 1,500 metres (4,900 ft).

It was discovered on 14 February 1931 by the British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition under Douglas Mawson, who named it for Professor Sir T.W. Edgeworth David.