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David Semel Rose
Born (1957-06-12) June 12, 1957 (age 56)
Alma mater Yale University
Columbia Business School
Occupation Angel Investor
Known for Founder of New York Angels

David Semel Rose (b 12 June 1957) is a serial entrepreneur[1] and angel investor, based in New York.

He is an investor in startup technology companies and founder of New York Angels, an early-stage technology investment group.[2] He is Managing Partner of Rose Tech Ventures,[3] a venture fund focused on Internet-based business,[4] and CEO of Gust (formerly known as Angelsoft), which operates a collaboration platform for early stage angel investing[5][6]

Rose was involved in the early development of the Silicon Alley technology community in New York,[7][8] including working with pre-Internet era online data services and founding Ex Machina, a computer software company;[9] The Computer Classroom, an early personal computer training company;[10] and AirMedia, an early wireless Internet information network.[11] In an interview in 2010, Rose stated: "When AirMedia went down it was the single biggest disappointment of my life at that point. I cried myself to sleep."[4]

Rose founded and ran a technology incubator in New York City[12] and is a founding member of the Space Angels Network, an international investing group.[13] In 2005, BusinessWeek magazine included an article titled 'The Pitch Coach' about his pitch coaching sessions for entrepreneurs seeking funding from venture capitalists and angel investors.[14] He is an Associate Founder of Singularity University, the post-graduate program in accelerating technologies,[15] and founded and chaired its Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economics track[16]

Rose attended New York City public schools and Horace Mann High School.[17] He received his BA in Urban Affairs from Yale University in 1979,[18] his MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School in 1983[19] and an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology.[20]


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