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David Schley Schaff (17 October 1852, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania – 2 March 1941, Winter Park, Florida) was a United States Presbyterian clergyman and educator.


He was the son of theologian and historian Philip Schaff. He graduated from Yale in 1873 (A.B.) and in 1877 was ordained in the Presbyterian ministry. He served as pastor 1877–1907. He was professor of church history at Lane Theological Seminary 1897–1903; beginning in 1903, he was professor of ecclesiastical and doctrinal history at Lane. He was a delegate to the Pan-Presbyterian Council at Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1913.

David Schley Schaff played an early role in the introduction of and development of football in the United States. A graduate of the Rugby School in England, he was familiar with the game of football. In 1872, while a student at Yale, he helped organize and served as the President of the Yale Football Association and was the Captain of Yale's first intercollegiate football team, though he was unable to play in their first game because of injury.[1]



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