Davud Monshizadeh

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Davood Monshizaadeh (Persian داوود منشی‌زاده; born 29 August 1914 in Tehran – died 1989 in Uppsala, Sweden) was the founder of Sumka (the "Iranian National Socialist Workers Party") and a supporter of Nazi ideology in Germany during World War II and in Iran after the war.


Monshizadeh helped form the Sumka in 1952. He was a former SS member and a professor at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and was deeply influenced by Jose Ortega y Gasset's philosophy, even translating many of his books (which he hoped would serve as founding principles for the party), from Spanish to Persian. Monshizadeh would later serve as a Professor of Persian Studies at Alexandria University and Uppsala University. Monshizadeh was known as an admirer of Hitler and imitated many of the ways of the Nazi Party (such as their militarism and salute), as well as attempting to approximate Hitler's physical appearance.