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Davy Jones may refer to:


  • Davy Jones (musician) (1945–2012), English actor and singer of the band The Monkees
  • David Jones (jazz musician) (1888–1956), American jazz musician often called Davey Jones
  • Davy Jones, early stage name (and given name) of David Bowie
  • Davy Jones (baseball) (1880–1972), American baseball player
  • Davy Jones (racing driver) (born 1964), American winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1996
  • David Jones, a lesser known pirate captain during the 1630s. However, historians believe he is not related to the legendary folklore captain of the Flying Dutchman or Davy Jones' locker. Relatively few records and information exists on him.
  • David Jones, a rebellious sailor who was often thrown overboard for misconduct. Historians believe he was the literal metephor for the legendary figure who sailed the Flying Dutchman, as both brought bad luck to a ship at sea.

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