Dawn Planes

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Dawn Planes
Studio album by Lucid 3
Released 2007
Genre Rock, folk, blues, pop, jazz
Label EMI NZ
Lucid 3 chronology
All Moments Leading To This
Dawn Planes


The recording of Lucid 3's, Dawn Planes, has been a different process. For the first time they used an outside producer, award-winning David Long (The Lord of the Rings, Dave Dobbyn, Fur Patrol) and have worked with major label EMI, freeing them from the burden of business.

The songs on Dawn Planes were written between New Plymouth and Europe, where Victoria has spent time in the last two years.

“I did so much touring/travelling around New Zealand and some parts of Europe during the time I was writing the songs on Dawn Planes. The contrasts of the various places are revealed in the diversity of the songs. The title track, 'Dawn Planes', was triggered after I accidentally left my dictaphone in my guitar case and recorded the eerie sound of engines rising as we left Wellington airport at dawn. 'This soldier' is an anthem written after being stranded for some days in China,” she says.

The songs are in keeping with her characteristic writing style, but she has made use of more traditional song-writing tools. Marcus and Derek’s rhythm section and contribution to the music put the distinctively Lucid 3 stamp on the tracks. Before the band went into the studio, they worked with Dave Dobbyn who shared his celebrated skills in song arrangement with the trio.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Victoria Girling-Butcher

# Title
1. "Dawn Planes" 3:35
2. "Burning On The Sun" 2:31
3. "Echo Back" 3:53
4. "All Ready Now" 2:53
5. "Oh Sister" 3:15
6. "Every Dollar" 2:46
7. "This Soldier" 4:20
8. "No No" 3:59
9. "Counterfeits And Judases" 4:14
10. "To The City" 3:17
11. "Fabric" 7:15


  • Greg Calbi – Mastering
  • Dave Dobbyn – Arranger
  • Derek Metivier – Percussion, Drums, Mixing
  • Andrew B. White – Artwork


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