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Dawn of Light, also known as DOL is an open source server emulator for the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. It is written in C#, although running it under Mono is not supported.

The project can emulate nearly all aspects of the Dark Age of Camelot game. Server operators are able to create or modify rules or world using C# or VB.NET. It is very customisable (you can follow DAoC-like rules, change them to match your needs - in example increase experience rates - or totally rewrite them): Storm-D2 runs a Diablo2-like ruleset, more in an hack'n slash way.

There are numerous public servers powered by Dawn of Light or based on Dawn of Light, able to gather its largest audience over 1200 players on-line.

The project is released under the GNU General Public Licence v2, hosted on SourceForge, and the team strictly avoid any commercial use. The project manages various DOL-related tools, and especially DAoC-Portal, which lists freeshards and allows player to connect easily.

Storm and Storm:D2 are the servers run by the DOL team.

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