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The clothing that the figure wear, depicting Tang Dynasty Clothing Daxiushan (大袖衫), taken in Xi'an Shaanxi History Museum.

Daxiushan (大袖衫), translated as "Large Sleeve Gown", is a traditional Chinese attire for women and was most popular during Tang Dynasty amongst the Royals. After the golden age of Tang Dynasty ended, the influence of Hufu (胡服), or clothing styles from Central and Western Asia, gradually weakened and Tang royal women's clothing styles begin to take its transformation.[1] It was not until the Mid-Late Tang period (中晚唐时期) that the distinctions between Royal women's clothing and other style have become increasingly obvious. The width has increased more than four feet and its sleeve is often wider than 1.3 metres. It features distinctive rode that covers from ground to just above the chest with knot wrapped around the waist, a light and sometimes visible outer coat that ties together at the bottom and often goes along with a long scarf wrapped around the arm. The clothing often, only cover half of women's breast and so, it is restricted to people of certain status, like princess or gējī. It has come to be known as Da-Xiu-Shan but have been called Dian-Chai-Li-Yi (钿钗礼衣) at various time. The clothing was mainly worn for special ceremonial occasions and have different variations, mainly result of different collar formations (e.g., parallel or cross collar or those with no collar).[2]

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