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This article is about a health facility. For other uses, see Spa (disambiguation).
A day spa in Milan, Italy

A day spa is a business which provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments such as massages and facials.

Beauty Salon and Resort Spa[edit]

It is different from a beauty salon in that it contains facilities like sauna, pool, steam room and whirlpool that guests may use in addition to their treatment.

In contrast, a destination spa offers similar services integrated into packages which include diet, exercise programs, instruction on wellness, life coaching, yoga, Tai Chi and accommodations where participants reside for the duration of their stay. A resort-spa may also function as a day spa, if they allow access to patrons who are not guests of the hotel.

Day Spa Treatments[edit]


Massage Treatments

Beauty Treatments

  • facials — facial cleansing with a variety of products
  • waxing — the removal of body hair with warm wax
  • microdermabrasion - a cosmetic procedure in which all or part of the stratum corneum is removed by light abrasion, used to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, treat hyperpigmentation, and reduce or remove scars. It is more superficial than ordinary dermabrasion, does not require anesthesia, and can be performed in less than an hour. The person may resume ordinary daily activities immediately afterward. Microdermabrasion works best for superficial lesions such as fine lines and age spots; deeper lesions require other treatments. [1]

Methods Light abrasion or by shooting jets of zinc oxide or aluminium oxide micro-crystals on the skin

Alternative Therapies

Types of Day Spas[edit]

  • Hotel Spas
  • Urban Day Spas
  • Dimitra's MediSpa
  • West Portal Spa

In addition, a Beauty Salon may also offer many of the same treatments found in a Day Spa, without the spa facilities.

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