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Dayalnagar is one of the suburbs of Visakhapatnam, India. it has a vast land for farming and the people mingle among themselves consuming what their farms harvest. all the people worship the holy Leaders of the Radhasoami Dham and are very friendly to each other. they never hurt each other unless it is a serious and critical situation. they are economical and industrious. they do not involve in any of the other traditions of India. they just believe in their original theme faith and live with their belief. they do not celebrate Indian original festivals, they have their own festivals to celebrate. during diwali, this will be the only silent Suburb of a city in the entire South India! each resident has two or three trees in and around their houses. being Radhasoami followers they also follow the rules of having a clean and green environment. they are also Eco friendly in nature, they use paper bags made by themselves from the old news-parers that they preserve after reading. they are also very good in studies. most of the children are toppers in their schools.

History and Development[edit]

Dayalnagar was established in the late 1950s with the impression from the development of their headquarters Dayalbagh.[1] ever since its establishment it is being continued with Sixty years of Existence. they do not have cable television service or any other kind of media from outside, they have their own general entertainment programs and a live telecast of the general entertainment programs being held at their headquarters Dayalbagh. the residential houses are of simple structure and all the residents leave to their Headquarters Dayalbagh in Agra during August or September every year. during this time the security forces take care of residents who couldn't make it to Dayalbagh. they have a university, which was previously a Primary School, named DEI (Dayalbagh Educational Institute) Which offers several courses with surprisingly low costs. they have a government based power supply and a government/Private Company based Telephone supply. they use the word Radhasoami instead of greetings or hello when they meet each other, the word Radhasoami is also being used to worship their leader. they are yet to announce a new food Industry. they Have a Clothing Industry and the residents wear different clothes apart from the original south Indian citizens.

Satsang Hall[edit]

The Dayalnagar satsang hall was constructed about 20 years ago, it is a large room like building where all the residents of the colony come and worship their leader, they sing out praises of their leader every morning and evening as their primary activities of life, they visit the satsang hall everyday. the satsang hall is like a Temple for them, like the Hindus got and worship at the temple, they worship at the satsang hall. there are four television sets at the hall, two computers with internet facility to receive the live webcast and telecast it in their own television sets. two television sets are fixed to the walls of the hall and two are placed outside during the telecasts for people who could manage to get in the hall, as the hall isn't large enough for all the residents to fit in. generally the kids and old people often visit the hall. as working people and employees have no time to go there during work hours. all the residents definitely visit the hall during Sunday mornings for watching the weekly live telecast from their headquarters at Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.


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