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Dayo Wong
Dayo Wong at Olympian City.jpg
Dayo Wong
Chinese name 黃子華 (traditional)
Chinese name 黄子华 (simplified)
Ancestry Sanshui, Guangdong
Born (1960-09-05) 5 September 1960 (age 53)
Hong Kong
Occupation Stand-up comedy, actor, singer, screenwriter, songwriter
Genre(s) Cantopop, Observational comedy
Instrument(s) Guitar, harmonica, drums
Label(s) EMI
Years active 1984–present
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wong.

Dayo Wong Tze-wah (黃子華), born 5 September 1960, is a Hong Kong Stand-up comedian, actor, singer, screenwriter, and an occasional songwriter.

Wong gained a degree in philosophy from the University of Alberta in Canada. He began his career in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong in 1984, but he is best known for his works in live stand-up comedy which he started performing regularly since 1990. Since then he has starred in TV dramas and films, and recorded his own album.


Dayo Wong at a promotional event for House of Mahjong.

TV shows (Stand-up comedy, Free Man Show, Stage)[edit]

Year Name Remark
1990 娛樂圈血肉史 -
1992 色情家庭 -
1993 跟住去邊度 -
1994 末世財神 -
1995 棟篤笑雙打之玩無可玩 Cheung Tat-ming
1997 秋前算帳 -
1998 Free Men Show(鬚根show) Cheung Tat-ming, Francis Ng
1999 拾下拾下拾年棟篤笑
2000 Free Men Show 2(鬚根show2) Cheung Tat-ming, Francis Ng
March 2003 冇炭用 -
October 2006 兒童不宜 -
December 2007 越大鑊越快樂 -
2008 男磨坊
August to September 2009 嘩眾取寵 -
November 2010 娛樂圈血肉史II -
2011 咁愛咁做
March 2012 野豬
October 2012 洗燥


Year Name
1992 The Magic Touch神算
1993 Two of a Kind
Pink Bomb
No. 1 3rd Ave
Even Mountains Meet
1994 I've Got You, Babe!!!
Mr. Sardine
Long and Winding Road
Oh! My Three Guys
From Zero to Hero
New Tenant
Born innocent
1995 Once in a Life Time
Wind Beneath the Wings
The Meaning of Life
Spider Woman
Only Fools Fall in Love
The Dan That Doesn't Exist
1996 Satan Returns
Top Banana Club
July 13
All of a Sudden
Love and Sex Among the Ruins
Big Bullet
1997 24 Hrs Ghost Story
Walk In
Legend of the Wolf
Those Were the Days
Love, Amoeba Style
97 Aces Go Places
The Wedding Days
My Dad is a Jerk
1998 F*** /Off
2000 What Is A Good Teacher
Don't Look Back or You'll Be Sorry
Titanic (dub)
2001 The Emperor's New Groove (dub)
Let's Sing Along
2002 Fighting to Survive
Scooby Doo (dub)
2004 Leave Me Alone
Teacher in University
2006 Lethal Ninja
Over the Hedge (dub)
Nothing is Impossible
2007 Zhui Bu
House of Mahjong
2014 Golden Chicken 3


TV series[edit]

Year Title Role Network TVB Anniversary Awards Notes
1999 Justice Sung II
Lai Sam TVB
2000 War of Genders
Yu Lok-tin TVB My Favourite Television Character
2001 非常公民 Puyi Mainland Chinese production
2004 To Catch the Uncatchable
Mok Jok-dung TVB My Favourite On-Screen Partners (Dramas)
My Favourite Television Character
2005 Hail The Judge
Song Shijie China Mainland
The Great Adventure
Pak Wut ATV
2006 情愛保險 Tang Tianshou Mainland Chinese production
2007 Men Don't Cry
Ho Kei-kin TVB Best Actor Nomination (Top 20)
My Favourite Male Character Nomination (Top 5)
2009 You're Hired
Mak Tai-song TVB Best Actor Nomination (Top 5)
My Favourite Male Character Nomination (Top 5)
2013 Bounty Lady
Heung Kwong Nam TVB Best Actor(Top 5)TVB Award for Best Actor



Year Title
1998 鬚根Sound
1999 關老三
2000 我有小小強
2001 Experience
2005 哈痞(痞:音鄙,happy)

Other albums

Year Title
November 1999 華納99最好精選
December 1999 華納千禧世紀好精選
October 2000 華納天碟2000
September 2001 關不掉的聲音— 前途萬里行
October 2001 華納23周年紀念精選 (華納群星)
September 2003 1:99電影行動 (原裝導演加長版)
September 2004 愛唱主題曲 Theme Songs(香港群星)— 衰邊個

Not included in the albums'

Year Title
2006 知彼不知己
2007 奸人堅
2009 冇問題


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