Days of Hope

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Days of Hope
Directed by Ken Loach
Produced by Tony Garnett
Written by Jim Allen
Starring Paul Copley
Pamela Brighton
Nikolas Simmonds
Music by Marc Wilkinson
Cinematography Tony Pierce-Roberts
John Else
Editing by Roger Waugh
Country United Kingdom
Original channel BBC One
Original run 11 September 1975 (1975-September-11) – 2 October 1975 (1975-October-02)
Running time 410 minutes
No. of episodes 4

Days of Hope is a BBC television drama serial produced in 1975. The series dealt with the lives of a working-class family from the turmoils of the First World War in 1916 to the General Strike in 1926. It was written by Jim Allen, produced by Tony Garnett and directed by Ken Loach.

Days of Hope is included on the Ken Loach at the BBC DVD box set released in 2011.


# Title Original airdate Running time
1 "1916: Joining Up" 11 September 1975 95 minutes
Ben Matthews enlists in the army and ends up serving in Ireland, where there is resistance to British rule. His sister's husband Philip Hargreaves is sentenced to death as a conscientious objector but is given a last-minute reprieve.
2 "1921" 18 September 1975 100 minutes
Ben deserts from the army and joins the Durham miners in their fight against wage reductions. Ben and other miners are arrested.
3 "1924" 25 September 1975 80 minutes
Ben is released from prison and joins the Communist Party. Philip Hargreaves is elected as a Labour MP.
4 "1926: General Strike" 2 October 1975 135 minutes
The miners are betrayed by union leaders during the General Strike.


  • Paul Copley as Ben Matthews
  • Pamela Brighton as Sarah Hargreaves
  • Nikolas Simmonds as Philip Hargreaves
  • Alun Armstrong as Billy Shepherd
  • Clifford Kershaw as Tom Matthews
  • Helene Palmer as Martha Matthews
  • Gary Roberts as Joel Barnett
  • Jean Spence as May Barnett
  • Christine Anderson as Jenny Barnett
  • John Phillips as Josiah Wedgwood
  • Stephen Rea as Reporter

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