Dayun Group

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Dayun Group
Founded 1987
Headquarters Yuncheng, Shanxi, China
Products trucks, motorcycles, engines, real estate
Divisions Dayun Light Truck
Dayun Motor
Dayun Motorcycle
Dayang Motorcycle
Weichai Engine
Dayun Real Estate Development
Luoyang Dayun
Dayun logo.jpg

The Dayun Group is a Chinese conglomerate based in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China. Through its subsidiaries, it manufactures heavy trucks, light trucks, motorcycles and engines, and is involved in real estate and travel. (Dayun means Great Canal).


Dayun Light Truck[edit]

Dayun Light Truck logo.jpg

Chengdu Dayun Automotive Group Co. Ltd., commonly known as Dayun Light Truck, is a light truck manufacturer based in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, and a division of Dayun Group. It was founded by the Dayun Group in 2009. Light trucks are manufactured under the Dayun brand.[1]


  • Dayun Chuanlu 490
  • Dayun Chuanlu 4100
  • Dayun Chuanlu 4102
  • Dayun Chuanlu 4108
  • Dayun QiYun 485
  • Dayun QiYun 490
  • Dayun QiYun 4100
  • Dayun QiYun 4102
  • Dayun QiYun 4105
  • Dayun QiYun 4108
  • Dayun QiYun 4110

Dayun Motor[edit]

Dayun Auto logo.gif

Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd, known as Dayun Motor, is a heavy truck manufacturer located in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China. It was founded in 2004 as part of the Dayun Group. They are able to build up to 50,000 trucks a year.[2][3] Trucks are built under the Dayun brand.


  • Dayun CGC1047PB33E3 2x4 light truck
  • Dayun CGC1048PX28E3 2x4 light truck
  • Dayun CGC1140
  • Dayun CGC1141 2x4
  • Dayun CGC1160 4x6
  • Dayun CGC1254 4x6
  • Dayun CGC1311 4x8
  • Dayun CGC4180 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4181 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4220 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4222 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4250 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4251 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4252 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4252 CNG semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4252 LNG semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4253 CNG semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4253 LNG semi tractor
  • Dayun DYX1250 4x6
  • Dayun DYX1312 4x8
  • Dayun DYX3251 4x6 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3253 4x6 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3311 4x8 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3313 4x8 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3313 LNG 4x8 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX5250 4x6
  • Dayun DYX5253 4x6
  • Dayun DYX5310 semi tractor
  • Dayun DYX5312 4x8

Chuanlu Motor[edit]

Chuanlu Motor produces Dayun heavy trucks.


  • Dayun Motorcycle manufactures Dayun motorcycles and scooters.
  • Dayang Motorcycle manufactures Dayang motorcycles and scooters.
  • Luoyang Duyan - manufactures Dayun three-wheeled scooters

Weichai Engine[edit]

Weichai Engine manufactures engines for the Dayun trucks.


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