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Developer(s) Debian Project
Stable release 1.05-7 / 2009-09-30
Operating system Unix-like
Type DNS server
License Public domain
Website http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/djbdns.html

dbndns is a fork of the djbdns software package, maintained by the Debian Project, made possible by the release of djbdns to the public domain.

The fork was created so as to add many common patches to djbdns.[1] Most notably, this now includes IPv6 support.

Previously, it was necessary to get a special 'djbdns-installer' package that downloaded the djbdns source from the authors' site and apply a patch, but the free software status means this is no longer necessary, and Debian can directly carry the source and patches, producing a redistributable binary deb package.

This package has filtered through into Ubuntu.

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