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De Salis may refer to:

Giovanni Battista à Salis-Soglio I (1521-1597).[1]


All these have their origins in the Three Leagues/Graubunden/Grisons/Rhaetia.

Adapted early example of the von Salis family crest, Bellona.

De Salis (naturalized British in 1731)[edit]

Casa Antonio & Casa di Mezzo, Soglio, from the back/west, 2009.
From a Mintons' looking c. 1863 floor tile, Wiltshire, UK.
Female of the v. Salis family, 17th century.

(Counts of the Holy Roman Empire from 1748, with Royal Licence to use in the UK from 1809. Surname of Fane added in 1809 and 1835).

Von Salis[edit]

K. u. k. Infanterieregiment Freiherr von Salis Soglio.[2]




Early à Salis shield.
Basic shield and crest de/von Salis heraldic design. This version of c.1952.


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