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Deacom, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Enterprise Resource Planning
Founded 1995
Headquarters Wayne, Pennsylvania
Key people Jay Deakins (Founder, President)
Products DEACOM
Employees 45 (2014)
  • Employees; Key People[1]
  • Type[2]

Deacom, Inc. produces an ERP software (DEACOM) for mid-to-large sized batch process manufacturing companies.


In 1995, Jay T. Deakins, President,[1] formed Deacom in his mother-in-law's basement.[3] In 1999, Deacom relocated to the West Valley Business Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania.[citation needed] In 2007 Deacom tripled its office space to accommodate new and anticipated sales and technical staff, which numbered 14 in 2007, up from 7 in 2005.[3] As of 2014, the staff had grown to 45.[1]

Business model[edit]

Deakins considered pursuing venture capital early in Decom's existence, but rejected this:[3]

His logic was that he could spend six months trying either to raise $50,000 from venture capitalists or try to sell $50,000 of software, and the latter made more sense.

Decom's customer base consists primarily of process manufacturers.[3] Decom's competitor's include SAP AG, Oracle Corporation and Microsoft.[3]


As of 2007, Decom's clients included Finnaren & Haley Paint, a paint manufacturer with retail outlets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.[3]


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