Dead Lenny

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Dead Lenny
Directed by Serge Rodnunsky
Produced by David A. Hoffman
Michael Luther
Written by Serge Rodnunsky
Starring Steven Bauer
Nicole Eggert
Joe Piscopo
John Heard
Armand Assante
Music by John Donovan
Greg Manning
Cinematography Serge Rodnunsky
Edited by Serge Rodnunsky
Distributed by Rojak Films
Signature Entertainment
Release dates
  • 25 January 2007 (2007-01-25)
Country United States
Language English

Dead Lenny is a 2007 action film starring Steven Bauer and Armand Assante, released under the tagline "Unfortunately, Lenny's promised everyone the money."


A local New York City mobster, named Tony Thick (Armand Assante) is expecting $5 million in cash to be delivered by Lenny Long (Steven Bauer) from Los Angeles, but soon enough, he realizes that Lenny is missing, and it's unknown whether he is dead or he stole the money and ran away. Thick sends Shady (Steve Baker), his made man, to L.A. to look for the missing cash. In search for the missing money, Shady meets Lenny's baby-desperate wife Sally (Nicole Eggert), his ditsy mistress Eve (Whitney Able), his muscle-headed brother Louis (Joe Piscopo), his quirky neurosurgeon Dr. Hooker (John Heard) and a crew of other nut jobs, who don't know anything where Lenny is or what happened to him, but they all know that Lenny promised them all the share of the money. With Lenny discovered in the San Fernandino hospital, but in an on-again/off-again coma, Shady has to discover where is the money.


Production & Reception[edit]

Dead Lenny was shot in Los Angeles, California, and New York. The film was released Straight to DVD June 25, 2007. It holds a 3.0 out of a possible 10 on the IMDb.