Dead Skeletons

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Dead Skeletons
Origin Reykjavík, Iceland
Genres Psychedelic rock, dream pop, space rock
Years active 2008-present
Labels A Records, Too Pure, Sound of Cobra, Fuzz Club Records, Dead Monk Records
Associated acts Singapore Sling, Sunsplit, Asteroid #4
Members Jón Sæmundur Auðarson (Nonni Dead)
Henrik Björnsson
Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt

Dead Skeletons are a psychedelic rock trio from Reykjavík, Iceland, formed in 2008 by Jón Sæmundur Auðarson (aka Nonni Dead), Henrik Björnsson and Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt.


Dead Skeletons formed in 2008 when frontman Auðarson held a show at the Reykjavik Art Museum. He needed music to accompany the installation, so Auðarson, Björnsson (also of Singapore Sling) and Van Kriedt (ex-Sunsplit, also of Asteroid #4) recorded the song "Dead Mantra", which became an underground hit and landed them a record deal with A Records,[1] who released it as a single on 26 November 2010. Their debut album, Dead Magick, was released on 11 November 2011, followed by three 2012 releases: the "Om Mani Peme Hung" single in January (by Too Pure), the (Orð) EP on 23 September (by Sound of Cobra) and a two-track single titled Buddha-Christ on 12 December (by Fuzz Club Records).[2] Another two-track single, "Dead Comet", was released in November 2013 by Dead Monk Records.


Studio albums
  • Dead Magick (2011, A Records)
Singles & EPs
  • "Dead Mantra" 10" single (2010, A Records)
  • "Om Mani Peme Hung" 7" single (2012, Too Pure)
  • (Orð) 12" EP (2012, Sound of Cobra/Dead Monk Records)
  • Buddha-Christ 12" single (2012, Fuzz Club Records)
  • "Dead Comet" 12" single (2012, Dead Monk Records)


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