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WDTR, otherwise known as "Dead Tree Radio", is a local Vermont State college program. The radio station began in Spring of 2008. Adam Keller helped start WDTR with the help of Ken Schneck, the dean of students. In 2005 the Dead Tree Radio station moved to its current location in the basement of the World Studies Center on Marlboro College Campus, Headed by Joy Auciello, Station Manager.

The name "Dead Tree Radio" Comes from the Marlboro College Mascot, a dead tree.

The Station[edit]

WDTR is run by a student volunteer Station Manager. The station, still fairly new in its development has most of the equipment necessary for its operation, though there is still some major equipment missing. The station is searching for a phone hybrid and a third microphone to no avail.


WDTR is hosted by over 50 DJs which offers 35 shows, who mostly use iPods or computers to DJ their segment. However, the station is equip to play cassettes, CDs, and even vinyl records.

Music played through this station will vary from abstract ambient music, to heavy metal music, to classical rock such as The Beatles as well as talk shows about campus life. In the Spring 2011 semester, one of the Student Life Coordinators on campus will be hosting a sports show.

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