Batman: Dead White

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Batman: Dead White
Batman Dead White.jpg
Cover of Batman: Dead White  (2006).
Author John Shirley
Country United States
Language English
Genre Superhero science fiction novel
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date
25 July 2006
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 320 pg
ISBN 0-345-47944-0
Preceded by Batman Begins
Followed by Batman: Inferno

Batman: Dead White is a novel set in the universe of DC Comics superhero Batman and was penned by cyberpunk/science fiction author John Shirley. The novel is a tie-in with the 2005 Christopher Nolan film Batman Begins.


A racist militia leader has decided to test out his murderous assets on Batman before taking his attacks to Washington D.C.


  • The novel is set approximately 18 months after the events of the film Batman Begins and just before the events of the sequel, The Dark Knight. (Shirley, 4)
  • When Batman confronts White Eyes in Washington, D.C., he notes that the young family the villain has taken hostage is similar in age and structure to the Wayne family the night his parents were murdered (seen previously in Batman Begins). (Shirley, 296)
  • Bruce Wayne mentions to a business associate the restoration of the front hall of Wayne Manor, tying into the third act of Begins when Ra's al Ghul burns down part of the mansion.
  • In addition, Rachel Dawes, who learned Bruce's secret identity at the end of Begins, is said to be leaving Gotham on a short-term holiday, as to explain the character's absence in this novel.
  • Jim Gordon has recently been promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant (as at the end of Begins), and Harvey Dent, although not shown in the film or novel, is referred to as having just been elected district attorney. Former D.A Carl Finch (who was murdered in the film) is also mentioned as having died.
  • According to Gordon, crime lord Carmine Falcone was rumoured to have disappeared during Ra's al Ghul's attack on Gotham with many of the other inmates of Arkham Asylum, but he is said to be spending time in prison, tying into Sal Maroni and Gambol fighting for underworld control in The Dark Knight.
  • After spending some time in a mental hospital, Detective Arnold Flass is mentioned to have been forcefully resigned from the Gotham City Police Department as part of a plea bargain he made to testify against the mob, referencing the denouement of Batman: Year One.

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