Dead in 3 Days

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Dead in 3 Days
Theatrical poster
Directed by Andreas Prochaska
Produced by Helmut Grasser
Written by Thomas Baum
Andreas Prochaska
Starring Julian Sharp
Nadja Vogel
Sabrina Reiter
Laurence Rupp
Julia Rosa Stöckl
Michael Steinocher
Music by Matthias Weber
Cinematography David Slama
Edited by Karin Hartusch
Allegro Film
Distributed by Luna Filmverleih GmbH
Release date(s)
  • July 21, 2006 (2006-07-21) (Fantasy Film Festival, Germany)
Running time 97 minutes
Country Austria
Language German
Budget €2,000,000

Dead in 3 Days (original title In 3 Tagen bist du tot) is a 2006 horror film written and directed by Andreas Prochaska, and co-written by Thomas Baum. It was followed by a 2008 sequel titled Dead in 3 Days 2.


A group of teenagers all receive text messages saying that they will be dead in three days. Initially they treat it as a joke, until one of them is found dead. They then try and investigate who is responsible, while more of them are killed.


  • Sabrina Reiter as Nina Wagner
  • Julia Rosa Stöckl as Mona
  • Michael Steinocher as Clemens Lugmayr
  • Nadja Vogel as Alex Gruber
  • Laurence Rupp as Martin Lloydell
  • Julian Sharp as Patrick Urban
  • Andreas Kiendl as Kogler
  • Susi Stach as Erika Haas
  • Michou Friesz as Elisabeth Wagner
  • Karl Fischer as Berger
  • Amelie Jarolim as Kerstin Wagner
  • Michael Rastl as Manfred Haas
  • Konstantin Reichmuth as Fabian Haas
  • Claudia-Sofie Jelinek as Mature Chairman
  • Walter Sachers as Mona's Father
  • Ferry Oellinger as Mr. Lugmayr
  • Raimund Wallisch as Driving Instructor
  • Silvio Szücs as Cook
  • Darina Dujmic as Nancy Ernstbrunner
  • Andreas Puehringer as Bernd Wagner
  • Armin Watznauer as Teenager
  • Daniel Prochaska as Boy
  • Coco Huemer as Young Nina
  • Ada Kolland as Young Mona
  • Tizian Eigner as Young Martin
  • Saskia Scheitz as Young Alex
  • Thaddäus Reich as Young Clemens
  • Ines Honsel as Nurse
  • Petra Schendl as Mrs. Lugmayr
  • Elfie Vogel as Mrs. Gruber
  • Kurt Vogel as Mr. Gruber

Reception[edit] said it provided "entertaining thrills" but did not escape the narrow conventions of the slasher genre.[1]


Sabrina Reiter won an Undine Award for best film debut by an actress.[2] It was her first screen acting role.[3] The film won "Silver Méliès for Best European Fantastic Film" at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.[2]


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