Dean and Canons of Windsor

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St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, left, 1848.

The Dean and Canons of Windsor are the ecclesiastical body of St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.[1]


The stalls for the Dean and Canons in the chapel

The college of Canons was established in 1348 by Letters Patent of King Edward III. The college was formally constituted on the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, 30 November 1352 when the statutes drawn up by William Edington, Bishop of Winchester as Papal Delegate, were solemnly delivered to William Mugge, the Warden of the College.[2]

Accepting the formality of foundation took several years, the college takes the date of 1348 as its official foundation.

Current chapter[edit]

  • Canon Chaplain — The Ven Martin Poll
  • Canon Treasurer and Warden, St George's House — The Revd Canon Hueston Finlay
  • Canon Steward — The Revd Canon James Woodward
Minor Canons
  • Minor Canon and School Chaplain - Vacant

Deans of Windsor[edit]

See List of Deans of Windsor for chronological list.

Canons of the First Stall[edit]

Canonry of the First Stall suspended 1861 by Act of 1840.

Canons of the Second Stall[edit]

Canonry of the Second Stall then suspended by Act of 1840.

Canons of the Third Stall[edit]

Canonry of the Third Stall suspended by Act of 1840.

Canons of the Fourth Stall[edit]

Canonry suspended by Act of 1840.

Canons of the Fifth Stall[edit]

Canons of the Sixth Stall[edit]

Canons of the Seventh Stall[edit]

Canonry suspended in 1860 by Act of 1840.

Canons of the Eighth Stall[edit]

Canonry of the Eighth Stall suspended by the Act of 1840.

Canons of the Ninth Stall[edit]

Canons of the Tenth Stall[edit]

Canonry of the Tenth Stall suspended by the Act of 1840.

Canons of the Eleventh Stall[edit]

Canons of the Twelfth Stall[edit]

Twelfth Stall suspended under the Act of 1840.


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