Dear Boy (song)

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"Dear Boy"
Song by Paul McCartney from the album Ram
Published MPL Music Publishing
Released 17 May 1971
Recorded January – March 1971 at Sound Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Genre Rock
Length 2:12
Label Apple
Writer Paul and Linda McCartney
Producer Paul and Linda McCartney
Ram track listing

"Dear Boy" is a song from the Paul McCartney album Ram. The song was written during Paul and Linda McCartney's lengthy holiday on their farm in the Mull of Kintyre. The song was written by Paul and about how lucky he was to have Linda. He says in a 1971 interview, "Dear Boy was my attempt at an autobiography about myself and how lucky I was to have Linda. I never realised how lucky I was to have her until I began writing the song."[citation needed]

Paul's former partner John Lennon, however, thought that the song was about him. Certain lines such as "She was just the cutest thing around" could have referred to Paul as being the cute Beatle. Paul may have changed the gender to conceal his identity and John mentioned in subsequent interviews that the Ram album had subtle allusions to himself and Yoko Ono. In the 2012 RAM Special Edition Documentary, Paul describes the song as written about Linda's former husband, Joseph Melville See Jr., and the things he hadn't seen in her.


Singer-songwriter David Cloyd released a cover of the song on 13 September 2011.[1]



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